Community Impact Statement

The Singapore American School Community Impact Statement details our school's close relationship with Singapore, our home for over 60 years.

Giving Back to Our Community



preschool and elementary students crafted 300 ceramic bowls to raise money and awareness for hunger in Singapore


student volunteers went and visited residents at the Leprosy Home bringing joy, smiles, and laughter


first grade students were partnered with local students as part of a buddy program


service club options for high school students to choose from

Food From the Heart


We walked and ran during our annual second grade walk-a-thon and our 287 students secured over $47,000 to donate to Food from the Heart, a local food distribution charity . We were hot, we were sweaty – but we were smiling, knowing that we were helping our local community. In the words of several second graders, "We are stomping out hunger!"

Lisa Hogan, second grade teacher