Excellence, Extraordinary Care, and Possibilities

Education in the past has been good at making kids fit the mold: the IB mold, the AP mold, the IGCSE mold. The mold often says what is possible and what is not. Singapore American School, however, is giving students possibilities like never before with personalized learning, new course offerings, and passion pathways. Students at SAS find their true selves rather than letting a system define who they can become and how far they can go.

Possibilities don’t make school easier, but they make it different and provide personal awakenings for kids who are looking for more. The direction SAS is taking reflects what made us one of the most desirable international schools in the first place.

Singapore American School is known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. We nurture in our students a passion for and commitment to deep intellectual and personal exploration. SAS students grow up in a community where every student learns at high levels, every student is known and advocated for, and every student personalizes their learning.

A History of Excellence


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SAS was founded by a group of pioneering American parents


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colleges and universities currently being attended by SAS graduates


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clubs, service organizations, and after-school activities offered from K-12


percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects worldwide



SAS is an amazing "one of a kind" school. The true measure of excellence is in the detail and their ability to address the needs of every child. This is not a school that addresses only the exceptional and problem children, they manage to reach all of the children. Amazing.

Tobin Beal, SAS PArent