Singapore American School

Middle School

From L-R: Tico Oms, Deputy Principal for 7th Grade
Devin Pratt, Principal working with 8th Grade
Brian Combes, Deputy Principal for 6th Grade

Welcome to the middle school at SAS, where we are proud of our long tradition of excellence in serving the needs of middle level students. Ours is a school where the faculty, administration and support staff work together with parents to ensure the extraordinary care for the welfare of each child. We offer many academic, extra-curricular, and special interest experiences - all designed to serve students as they encounter the unique developmental characteristics of children from the ages of 10-14.

We have a committed and dedicated faculty who bring a high level of experience and expertise to their work. The faculty ensures that students are challenged academically in an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and offers opportunities to explore a variety of interests. 

Each grade level is divided into teams of core subject teachers who work with approximately 100 students. These teams serve as small communities and ensure that every student is supported through a variety of adult and peer connections. The core teachers meet regularly to collaborate in developing appropriately challenging experiences, and to discuss each student’s growth. In addition to our teaming structure, we offer a homebase program at the beginning of the day that matches 11-14 students with one teacher, which in turn offers additional support for the students. Our co-curricular program offers a variety of clubs, intramural and interscholastic sports, and performance activities. 

Middle school is a time of immense change, and as a faculty we are committed to meeting the needs of this special age group. Besides working to prepare students for high school, we recognize that it is important to ensure that each student's experience is unique and tailored to the needs at this age. 

Devin Pratt, Middle School Principal
Brian Combes, Middle School Deputy Principal
Tico Oms, Middle School Deputy Principal 


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